The Best Wireless Earbuds & Headphones to Shop in 2020

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Nothing puts a pep in your step like a prance into the world and a privatized call. As you exit your front door or waltz out of the office for the day, the ability to plug into your loved one’s voice, your hot new playlist, or your current audiobook is a priceless treasure. 

Sometimes, the sounds of the world are glorious. Nothing beats the birds of the trees or the crickets of the night. Other times, the sounds of the world are flat out invasive, especially when you’re trying to find out “who done it” in your latest thriller. 

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast who wants waterproof, athletic gear or a high-tech aficionado who wants Qualcomm quality, we have a pair of headphones, earbuds, or earhooks that are just what you’ve been looking for. Let’s go for a ride that may not be faster than the speed of sound, but it’s sure to sweeten the sound in your world.

Meidong E7B Bluetooth Headphones

We love their tagline: In Noise We Escape. Interesting notion, huh? If you’re looking to fully dive into that audiobook, TV series, mini-series, action flick, or Podcast, you’re going to want to strap these babies on. 

They’re full headphones, if you like a covered effect. They come with professional-grade noise-canceling technology and speakers that measure a whopping 45 mm for deep, powerful sound. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that, despite their girth, they’re remarkably lightweight. 

Of course, you can use these beauties for more than just their listening prowess. They’re fully loaded with advanced Bluetooth, 4.1, allowing you to make phone calls, hop on conference calls, and video chat to your heart’s delight. 

Whether you’re listening to your favorite playlist or chatting with Mom, you’ll quickly notice that these headphones can quell everything from city traffic, airplane cabins, hectic offices, or rambunctious households. Go ahead and escape into the noise of your own choosing. 

AUSDOM TW01S Wireless Earphones

These are, quite possibly, the cutest little earbuds that ever lived. While they come in a standard black and gray color scheme, we’re big fans of their mint green and white edition. They tuck into a cute, oval-shaped case, too, that will help you maintain a charge for 16 hours of listening time. 

The TW01S’ ergonomic design will pop right into your ears perfectly, enabling hands-free calling and convenient controls. Each pod has a small, round button on the exterior that allows you to open a voice assistant, shuffle, pause/play, and change the volume. You’ll get used to the controls in no time at all. 

AUSDOM TW01S earbuds have universal compatibility. This goes beyond the great Apple vs. Android debate. You can also plug these cuties into your TV, laptop, iPad, and other Bluetooth devices. Whether you’re bee-bopping to the gym or sitting in your corner office, you’ll feel confident, comfortable, and stylish with these noise-canceling earbuds plugged into your ears. 

XT11 Magnetic Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

How about a cross between wireless headphones and wireless earbuds? The XT11s are wonderful headsets that feature a neckstrap, in lieu of a headband or completely wireless affair. The beauty of the small strap that tucks behind your neck is that, if you’re a sports enthusiast, you won’t have to worry about things getting “slippery when wet.” 

As you’re jogging along Malibu Beach or sprinting at your local gym, you can rest assured that – no matter your pace – your earbuds are sticking. They’re strongly magnetized, so they shouldn’t pop out of place, to begin with. But, then, your tidy little band offers proper reinforcement. 

As for specs, you’re looking at a mere 13 grams of weight and Bluetooth technology that’s compatible with almost anything. The XT11s also feature a battery that can play over 300 songs when fully charged and, when used once a day for that morning workout, only need to be charged once a week. 

There’s also a neat and tidy little button along the strap that allows you to effortlessly shuffle, adjust your volume, and make calls without having to learn any sort of earbud tapping system. Both lightweight and affordable, this is certainly the go-to headset for sports aficionados. 


F7 TWS 5.0 Bluetooth Earphones

If you’re a sucker for packaging (like us), you’re going to love these buds. They come in superior packaging that isn’t gimmicky. It actually serves a purpose and looks posh. These pop out of a smooth, black, red, silver, or gold tube; the aesthetics can’t be beaten. 

Although these are tidy little pods, they come with some seriously bold noise cancellation. They’re smart enough to optimize the background sounds, according to whatever environment you’re in. So, they’ll adjust if you’re in the quiet of your home, doing a study, or in the bustle of the city, fighting traffic. 

The F7s are easily operable through touch operation. You don’t need multiple buttons to scan, skip, call, or adjust your volume. Other smart features include its automatic boot/pairing. These Bluetooth earbuds will automatically turn on and pair as soon as it’s removed from its neat, little tube. 

You can pop your buds back in the tube whenever you’re done (to resume charging) but you’re going to enjoy a hefty 300 hours of listening time. Here comes the sneak attack. That slick, little tube that caught our eye in the first place is also a charging station. 

You can listen to your Podcast while charging your phone through the battery box. Then, when it’s time to charge your buds, pop them back in the box and simply charge up your box in the evening. You can’t go wrong with a portable charger, earbud case, and all-around beautiful technology. 

FiiO UTWS1 Wireless Bluetooth Earhooks

We all have our preferences. So, we must do what makes us happy. If you’re an earhook fan, over earbuds or earphones, then this is your match made in Heaven. What these guys do is actually hook into your earbuds, transforming your existing earbuds into a high-fidelity, true wireless set. 

Now, you’re plugged into high-quality sound, while being free of any wires, and securely hooked around your ears. The reason the sound quality on Fiio’s UTWS1 can’t be beaten is because they operate through Qualcomm’s QCC3020 chip, supporting Bluetooth 5.0 (the best in the game) and transmit data at record-high speeds. 

If you’re tired of people saying, “Huh?” on the other end of your calls, then these hooks will do the job. Crystal-clear calls will be your constant companion, along with your friends and family. As for your side of things, you’ll also benefit from superior noise-canceling features, enabling you to enjoy distraction-free talks, too. 

Their controls will also make life more pleasant. The folks over at FiiO engineered a singular button made of aluminum alloy that’s been anodized and sandblasted for durability. Oh, and did we mention these babies are waterproof?

No sweat, no rain, no sauna will disturb your listening time with its full Nano coating. If you spend a lot of life encapsulated in your buds, these hooks will provide a pristine listening experience, time after time. 

i7s TWS Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

How about a little gold nugget for your ears? How about a couple of cuties that come in a neat, round charging bin? We’re fans of their gold tone, but you can also travel through town with a black or white pair in your ears.

Whether you sport an Apple, Android, or Windows product, these earbuds with microphone will pair. It also syncs with iPads and laptops with great signal quality and powerful noise cancellation. 

On the stem of the pod, there’s a discreet little button that allows you to answer calls, redial, hang up, play, and pause. Actually, they quite resemble Apple’s Airpods (at a far more generous price).

These guys will last you about five to six hours and recharge within the hour.  If you’re looking for an affordable, compact solution for your everyday commute, the i7 TWS will be just the ticket. 

Wireless Earbuds for Every Need

And there you have it! Each of these products can be shipped straight to your door with noise-canceling abilities, strong Bluetooth capabilities, long lives, and just the right amount of sheen. No matter your style, budget, or specs, one of these beauties will help you get out into the world and escape within the noise. 

Here at Rise of Smart, we’re known for offering the coolest products in the universe and make shopping fun. We’re reliable, clear, and accurate, and we believe in global trade. While our mission is fair prices and satisfied customers, we’re always open to suggestions and questions from our community of friends. 

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