Smart Earbuds

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Best smart earbuds and wireless headphones 2020

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Smart Earbuds

The most important component of the current generation of smart headphones is the “smart” networking/connection with smartphones and other devices! The support of speech assistants is now also part of the good tone and helps to do everyday things via speech, even real-time translations are possible nowadays. On top of that, more and more wireless headphones are helping us to improve our fitness by measuring our heart rate or counting our steps.

On-ears and over-ears with Smart Earbuds

Whilst the small button headphones are currently hard to do without cables, the larger on-ear and over-ear headphones or earbuds usually come with Bluetooth, but a classic analogue cable is usually also included in the scope of delivery. So you have the best of both worlds: You can listen to your music wirelessly when you’re on the road, but you don’t have to retire your old stereo system at home, you can simply connect your headphones via cable. Especially since you shouldn’t forget that a cable operation often goes hand in hand with a better sound of the listeners themselves.