Smart Health – The 2020’s Must-Have Gadgets

Smart health gadgets

Smart Health? Have you heard that?
On average, today’s US households have 11 connected devices. Every day, companies are pushing out new smart devices, and consumers are eager to use them to make their lives easier.

While many smart devices are used purely for entertainment, others have significant benefits to them. For instance, smart health gadgets are taking the world by storm, as they enable users to track and monitor their well-being.

Maybe you’ve seen some of these gadgets and want one (or a few) for yourself.

Need some inspiration? In this article, we’ll explore 2020’s must-have smart health devices.

Smarth Health on your wrist

You might’ve heard about other fitness trackers such as Fitbit. But those often come with hefty price tags, so you might’ve held off on purchasing these things for the time being.

But thankfully, other brands have caught onto this craze and have begun manufacturing their own versions at much more affordable prices.

For instance, there’s the Huawei Band 4 SmartBand. It looks like a watch and you wear it on your wrist.

This SmartBand is waterproof up to 5 meters and supports Android 4.4 or later, or iOS 9.0 and later. It also has Bluetooth 4.2 capabilities.

The main features of the Huawei Band 4 SmartBand are the sleep and sports trackers. It also has a standalone GPS and supports NFC.

With the sports tracker, there are 11 different modes, so you can specify which activities you’re doing for better tracking. In addition to the sleep tracker, you’ll also benefit from blood oxygen support, which can help you manage other health conditions, such as asthma and heart disease.


Smart health at you feet – The Foot Massager

We spend one-third of our lives at work. Depending on your career, you might spend a lot of your shift on your feet. At the end of the day, when you get home, you might not just be tired, but your feet might be killing you as well.

A smart foot massager is a real smart health device. It can make all the difference in your life. They’re wireless, which means you don’t need to bother with finding the nearest electrical socket, plugging it in, and then having your family members trip over the wire when they walk into the room. Just bring the massage mat with you wherever you want, put it down, and turn it on with no hassle.

These foot massager mats are designed to deliver electric currents straight to the muscles that are aching in your feet. It uses the acupoints from acupuncture, so if you’re used to this type of medicine, you can now get acupoint foot massages right in the comfort of your home.

There are two versions available: remote control and rechargeable versions. Both have 6 massage modes and 9 intensity levels, which means you can make adjustments until it’s perfect for you.


Digital Electronic Pulse Massager

Is the rest of your body aching, in addition to your feet? Then you’ll want to get the digital electronic pulse massager.

This smart health device uses the latest in bio-electrical technology to provide you with relief wherever you have pain in your body. This type of electrotherapy is combined with traditional Chinese medicine, which utilizes years of knowledge and experience to address your pain at its core.

The digital electronic pulse massager has 16 modes in it, as well as 10 intensity levels. All you have to do is switch it, pick the mode and intensity you want, and hook up the pads to wherever you wish on your body, such as your neck, shoulders, back, arms, and legs. The massager itself has a sleek design; it almost looks like an MP3 player.

After a stressful day at work, just kick back, relax, and let the massager do its job. Once it runs out of batteries, all you have to do is plug it into a USB port to recharge your massager.

Smart health Electric Neck and Shoulder Massager

Do you want to add even more to your massage arsenal? Then you can’t miss out on the smart electric neck and shoulder massager.

When we get stressed out, we tend to hold all our tension in our neck and shoulders. In addition, lots of us don’t have good posture. After working for 8 hours straight, we might find ourselves feeling extreme pain and stiffness.

So in addition to using a digital electronic pulse massager, you can try using a smart health electric neck and shoulder massager as well. This device has a halo design that makes it look very similar to headphones. However, instead of it cradling your head, it’ll go over your neck.

It uses low-cycle pulse technology that penetrates 3 to 5 centimeters below your skin to get to your pain points and meridians. It can also relieve some pain in the cervical spine. The package comes with a USB neck massager, USB charger, and remote control.

In addition to pressure, this smart electric massager also has temperature massage. It evenly heats up at 107 degrees Fahrenheit to relax your blood vessels, muscles, and bones. This can also promote blood circulation and further relieve pain in the cervical spine.

For your safety, the device turns off on its own at regular intervals to prevent power failure. When it runs out of batteries, just plug it into a USB port and it’ll be fully charged after 2 hours. If you give yourself a 15-minute smarth health massage every day, a fully charged battery should last you a month.


Bluetooth SMART Eye Massager

Every day, we spend about 12 hours in front of TVs and computers. This can really take its toll on our eyes, which are so important for our daily lives.

By using a Bluetooth SMART eye massager, you can relieve the fatigue and dryness of your eyes. This device comes with 5 different massage modes and the Bluetooth function lets you play songs from your playlist while you relax.

This massager uses intelligent circulating air pressure, which simulates a massage on your face. It also uses acupoint rubbing, hot compress, vibration massage, and magnetic field tech to bring you optimal comfort.

The eye massager is collapsible, which means you can bring it anywhere you wish. The package comes with an eye massager, storage pouch, and USB charging cable. 

Infrared Sauna Blanket

Over 66% of American adults are considered overweight or obese. Chances are, you’re one of those who are struggling with their weight.

You might have tried everything to shed those pounds, such as numerous diets and various workout plans. While those might initially help, you might hit a plateau where no matter what you do, your weight just refused to budge anymore.

When this happens, you might need some extra help. A sauna blanket may be just what you need.

A sauna blanket uses far-infrared, which promotes perspiration. And the more you sweat, the more calories you’ll burn.

Even if you’ve already hit your goal weight, an infrared sauna blanket can help with body shaping and getting you the body you’ve always wanted.

This blanket uses two independent heating zones and is very safe; there’s no leakage of electricity whatsoever. The inside is made of waterproof PVC and is very soft. That way, you can sweat it out without feeling uncomfortable, nor without risking damage to the blanket material.

It’s very compact and easy to transport, which means you can use it anywhere you wish, including your home or office.

    Ultimative Smart health with a Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent Bracelet

    Do you live somewhere with lots of mosquitos? Thats really not SMART HEALTH! Not only are they pesky pests, but they can also be carriers of some serious diseases.

    There are many lotions and sprays you can put on to repel mosquitos, but they’re sticky and can also pose some of their own health risks. Try an ultrasonic mosquito repellent bracelet instead. These use the frequency the mosquito’s natural predators to scare them away.

    All you have to do is slip on the bracelet whenever you go out and it’ll ward off mosquitos. The bracelet is waterproof as well, so you can get it wet without worry.

    The package includes a bracelet and charging cable. The bracelet will run for about 15 hours and will take just 30 minutes to charge up.


    Get These Must-Have Smart Health Gadgets

    As you can see, 2020 holds some amazing health gadgets. From SmartBands and mosquito repellents to foot massagers and sauna blankets, we at Rise of Smart have a wide array of health fitness gadgets for you to choose from. 

    Considering how accessible and affordable technology is nowadays, most households can afford to pick up at least one or two devices to improve their quality of life.

    We at Rise of Smart are dedicated to helping you get the health tech you need. While we’re a Germany-based company, we serve customers from all over the world, including the United States. So you can trust us to provide top-quality products at great prices with quick shipping.

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