The Best Smartwatches for 2020


Smartwatches have become huge. From being an expensive status symbol donned only by the rich to something that is seen and used quite usually nowadays, this latest addition in the smart world has been received quite uproariously by its users.

What is a smartwatch, you may ask? A smartwatch can be defined in the most arbitrary manner as a wristwatch with nearly all the functions and options of a smartphone. You want to call someone; you can use your smartwatch. You want to text someone, use your smartwatch. You can do a lot of different and interesting things like measuring your pulse and seeing how many calories you burned and many other things. Some may argue that this invention is a want more than a need. While that is true to some extent, there are some ifs and buts to this statement.

But like everything else, there has been a diverse range of products in the category of smartwatches, varying by their prices and range of functions. The Apple Watch established dominance in this product as well. While they are good and all, there are other several underrated smartwatches that don’t have the recognition they need. Here, we are going to take a look at the top 10 smartwatches you can buy.

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1.  Apple Smartwatches Series 5

The Apple Watch was one of the first to step out and introduce the vast possibilities of this product. Through their smooth interface, they have made many features available and possible in their products. The Apple Watch, regardless of the model, is known to be exceptionally amazing and expensive. The amount they charge you is hardly unjustified due to the efficiency and life-span they provide you.

This watch is a sleek and beautiful device that comes in various colors. With a slightly larger display than its predecessors, it looks extremely elegant on the wrist. It comes in sizes of 40 and 44 millimeters. You have an abundance of choice before you purchase it and a plethora of customizing options afterward.

The Apple Watch Series 5 comes with a lot of features and options. It is considered to be one of the best smartwatches to buy in 2020. The Apple Watch Series 5 comes with the usual yet enhanced features that are exclusive and unique to Apple. Their provided options that consist of:

·      An eternal display: unlike the usual one that sleeps after a certain time of not being used

·      Fitness apps that measure your pulse and heart rate in real-time

·      A lot of options for customization: cases, wrist band colors etcetera.

·      Multiple clocks face for your choosing

·      Make calls with ease

·      Pay using Apple Pay on the spot

·      Apps to stream your favorite songs

·      Enjoy the ease provided by Siri: the virtual assistant exclusive to Apple.

The Apple Watch Series 5 provides immaculate ease and a diversely amazing set of features for its users. You can enjoy multiple features on a much smaller device. The user interface is simple yet interactive. Supporting a touch screen, this watch lets users navigate through it by using a specific number of taps or swipes made on the display.

2.  The Fitbit Versa 2

This device has found a place in this industry alongside Apple. With a much more reasonable price tag, the Fitbit Versa 2 provides all features Apple does but with more gusto. Brands like Apple rely much on their name and reputation for the sale of their products. Nothing is wrong with that; after all, they worked for it. But it makes the slightly less popular brands strive and put a lot more effort just to make themselves appear beside them. Even if their product is better, they will sell it for a smaller price. Such a similar phenomenon can be seen in the Fitbit Versa 2.

While I am not declaring the Fitbit to be better than the Apple Watch, I am presenting reasons why it can be considered as an alternative. This device provides a futuristic and robotic design that looks extremely beautiful on the wrist. This device provides all the leisure and comfort provided by any other smart device.


·      A magnificent battery timing of more than 6 days

·      An always-on display

·      The option to download and enjoy multiple apps like Spotify and Fitness apps

·      Multiple colors to choose from


3.  The Fossil Sport

This watch is considered something of a gem in the world of smartwatches. This device is quite comfortably priced yet the features and services it provides have not left many comparisons to be done between it and the top-rated devices. The Fossil Sport is a beautiful and interactive device, with the provision of the basic necessities as well as the lavish and leisurely features. Fossil Sport has been regarded as an extremely comfortable and long-lasting smartwatch by its users. The circular model gives it a subtly graceful look that appears quite stylish on the wrist.

The Fossil Sport comes with a fairly easy to use interface. The rim of the watch has three controls on it, which you can use according to your needs. You can assign different apps or functions to it for better navigation.


·      Elegant design

·      Smart and easy-to-use interface

·      Reasonable price tag: around $99

·      Customization options

·      Fast and efficient working

4.  Fitbit Ionic – Smartwatch

Another Fitbit product has found its way in the list of top ten smartwatches. This is quite unsurprising, seeing how they manufacture and provide the best and the most convivial products. Their enthusiasm and efforts to make them appear alongside the best in the business are what makes them such an amazing company. And they have indeed succeeded in doing so.

Fitbit Ionic is a device that is suitable for fitness enthusiasts. It is a slight step-down from the Fitbit Versa 2, the model we discussed earlier, but it is in no way less amusing. The Fitbit Ionic provides access to some of the most used apps there are. It has several inbuilt fitness apps that can track your health and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Let’s take a look at a few of the features it has to offer:

·      GPS enabled

·      Receives calls

·      Listens to your favorite songs

·      Customizes the clock face of the smartwatch according to your desire

The Fitbit Ionic specializes in health-related apps. It measures your pulse in real-time and gives you a health report for your ease and convenience. You can use all your necessary digital tools with ease and comfort.           

It also has an amazing battery timing of 5 days. This is a really winning quality and it is something that should prove to be a convincing aspect for you. The Fitbit Ionic is a great device, with amazing quality features and options.

    5.  Apple Series 3

    Although this product from Apple is outmatched by the Series 5, it has a larger customer satisfaction rate. Granted the Series 5 came out late but still this device has a bigger customer following. This device provides multiple features and applications for its users. It has GPS, a heart-rate sensor and a digital crown. It is water-resistant and it contains an accelerometer and a gyro-meter. These additions make the user interface more interactive.

    The customers have mostly good things to say about it. Although a few cons come along the way, they are the things you can brush aside. Since it is an Apple product, we can expect a heavy price tag. For someone who is comparing it with a less popular brand, the price is the one thing that can put the mind in doubt but wear os smartwatch.

    But it shouldn’t. The excellent features and the quality of its overall working is magnificent. It is something that makes the cost look reasonable. The life span of this product can make it cost-effective and worth it as well. Let us have a look at the amazing pros of this watch in more details:


    ·      Noticeably faster processing speed; in comparison to the competing products

    ·      Very stylish and satisfying design

    ·      Clear and transparent interface

    ·      Excellent cellular support

    ·      Compatible with the watch OS: the operating system dedicated solely to the Apple Watch

    ·      lte connection

    ·      Built in gps

    This watch also provides options to its customers that they can use to customize and personalize the product. These options include buying new straps and covers for the watch. This can make each smartwatch of this sort stand out.

    6.  Samsung Galaxy Active

    We have talked a lot about other brands and how they have made remarkable smartwatches, but we have not yet touched Samsung and what it has to offer in this product category.

    Samsung’s products are generally great and amazing. Their user interface, the freedom they provide to their customers, and the design which they manage to pull through are just on point. And all of this is done while they enunciate and illustrate their difference from the other monopolistic front-runners. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active has come through for Samsung loyal consumers in a fulfilling manner.

    This watch features an elegant circular display with functions and provisions that are no less than its rival: Apple. It comes under the category of light and near-weightless products. It has a much more traditional wristwatch look, and so it looks even more impressive when the screen lights lit up. The Apple watches appear like some smart device because of its dial and its shape. But the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active looks extremely classy and elegant. The circular shape is quite a huge quality that sets it apart.


    ·      Numerous features and options for a much more reasonable price compared to the competition

    ·      Unique, stylish and perfectly pulled-off design.

    ·      Multiple apps for the users

    ·      Fitness apps with extensive features

    ·      Custom themes

    ·      Syncing option with Android and iOS phones

    ·      3 days battery life

    7.  Garmin – Vivoactive 4

    This watch is a nice example of a purchase that is great and worth it. Although the name may be quite new to some people, it is actually quite a reputable watch. It provides an excellent display, comfortable design, and easy user interface. The Garmin Vivoactive 4 comes in two different variants, each of which is differentiated by their size. This watch is great for workouts and exercise. There are multiple fitness apps that can help you regulate your workout patterns.

    There are different apps that can help you figure out your health and your body processes, so you can manage your exercise routine. Furthermore, it supports apps like Spotify and has a battery life of around 7 days. Basically, the Vivoactive 4 was made after seeing the results and the reviews the previous model of Vivoactive received. After that, they came up with a collection of only the best features.


    ·      Comes in two different sizes for all kinds of potential buyers

    ·      Has an excellent and accurate GPS

    ·      It is waterproof so you can take it with you while swimming

    ·      Compatible with iOS and Android devices

    ·      Easy navigation

    8.  Motorola Smartwatches Moto 360

    When we talked about the Samsung Watch, we discussed that it was classy and much more traditional than the usual block-y look that smartwatches have. Well, this tops it. The Motorola Moto 360 is the epitome of class and grace when it comes to smartwatches. This is the sort of device that would look fitting on the wrist of a businessman. This amazing watch even provides its most basic function (time-telling) in such a splendid manner that any feature found on top of that is considered an amenity.

    What that means is that if you purchased the Moto 360, you would be happy with it just telling the time. But luckily, that is not even the beginning of it. The design is something we could go on forever. The stainless steel construction, the subtle yet amazing controls on the side and the variety of the straps it comes with are just brilliant.

    This watch also features the capability of having an always-on display. Even if it is lying on your bedside table, it will look like any other majestic wristwatch. But a closer scrutiny will reveal the wonderful options it facilitates.

    This watch does not come with a mediocre operating system. No, this device is run with the Wear OS, provided by Google. This means that every other feature that we love about Google like the Play Store or the Google Assistant, everything is available. All the apps, such as Gmail, Google Docs and everything that makes Android phones desirable are present for your use in the Motorola Moto 360.


    ·      Excellent design: the watch itself and the strap and even its user interface can just make your day with its fluidity and smoothness

    ·      Compatibility: this watch can be synced with phones that run on iOS and Android.

    ·      Display: the perpetual and bright display makes this watch an amazing product

    ·      Provision of all Google-provided apps

    ·      Reasonable battery life

    9.  Huawei Smartwatches – Watch 2

    This watch is one of the contenders in the best smartwatches to buy in 2020. This device has a lot to offer and there only a few trivial reasons why it has appeared quite down in the rankings.

    This watch is specifically made to help and assist you in the withholding of your workout regime. Basically, this watch revolves around the sharpening of the fitness features more than anything else. It has made extensive apps and supports multiple fitness regulating programs. This makes this product perfect for fitness-loving customers.

    This watch is not an intrusive and bulky addition that weighs you down. It is not a constant source of annoyance. It is a subtle piece of technology ­­vaguely strapped to your wrist that you can use in your comfort and ­ leisure.

    You can make payments, set reminders, set fitness goals and much more on this watch. Let’s take a gander at some qualities of this fine device:

    ·      Provision of various apps and facilitation

    ·      Fitness apps of all kinds and types

    ·      This watch has a pinpoint GPS system

    ·      Workout assistance

    ·      Smart and elegant design


    10.  Amazfit Stratos

    Are you looking for a bulkier and more complicated design for your smartwatch? The Amazfit Stratos is a watch built like those heavy digital watches that have a lot of functions in it. It is not like a huge device that covers several inches of your wrist. It is merely larger in comparison to the dainty and small designs the other watches have to offer.

    This device has deviated from the usual sleek and shiny designs by adopting a much more matte design which showcases handsomely crude style. It is exceptionally durable because of the way it has been put together and the amount of stress and damage the glass can sustain. Once again, this watch provides an eternally lit face, which shows a simple watch dial when idle. The glass doesn’t radiate or shine out in a particularly intrusive manner. Instead, the easy-on-the-eyes display projects a nice and cool clock face, which blends in peacefully with the screen.

    This watch also provides apps and features for fitness and exercise. It has also been made specifically to be used in vigorous exercise. It fits nicely on the wrist and it doesn’t bounce around during your activities. The watch also records and monitors your exercise as well as your heart-rate and the speed with which you are burning calories. This makes the Amazfit Stratos a great device to have on you during your workout routine.


    ·      Cellular connectivity: make and receive calls, send and receive texts, and so on.

    ·      Internet connectivity: get emails and notifications while on the go

    ·      Fitness tracking: heart rate, calories burning rate, sleep cycles, and general activity

    ·      Durable and long-lasting design with a slight compromise on charm and charisma

    ·      Decent price tag

    ·      Water-resistant

    11.              Ticwatch Pro 2020

    This last entry in the best smartwatches to buy in 2020 comes with a lot of features and options at a reasonable price. The Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 2020 was a device made by the company as an effort made to utilize the Wear OS in something worthwhile. This watch did win the approval from its users and the manufacturers were applauded on their somewhat effective indulgence of the Wear OS. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

    The watch is primarily made up of glass and metal, which was something of a deviation from the norm. High-end plastic and aluminum are the usual components but this watch had a slightly different blend. It doesn’t act as a negative aspect for the product; it is merely something that’s worth mentioning due to its aberration from the standard.

    The watch also offered a range of applications and features that can cover most of the necessities and needs of their customers. It partnered up with Google’s Wear OS and thus took full benefit from the reputable apps and services.


    ·      Easy-to-use control options on the side of the dial

    ·      Sturdy and durable design

    ·      Reasonable price tag: it’s a nice on-budget option because the features it provides are numerous and versatile. There are few things that the better models and brands like Apple can hold over it

    ·      Fitness applications for better regulation of your routine

    ·      Compatibility with all sorts of phones


    The above-mentioned are some of the best smartwatches you can buy.. Each of them has a unique quality and each of them is desirable if seen from the correct perspective. Owning a smartwatch is often considered quite efficient since you don’t have to deal with the unnecessary presence of the bulky device for things you can do on your watch instead. This doesn’t mean that you should ditch smartphones. Use them by all means. But there are some aspects that can make a smartwatch look better in certain situations.

    For example, carrying a smartwatch around is much more convenient than carrying your phone. This means that in cases where carrying your cellphone with you is arduous, you can instead take your watch. If you are going to the grocery store or the mall and you feel like you may have to call your folks once you get there to ask them what they needed, take your smartwatch and get smartphone notifications. It is just strapped on to your wrist and you don’t have to wish in and out of your pocket every second or so.